Become a ski instructor!

Sub Zero Coaching will be running an instructor course starting 2nd September so you can qualify as a Level 1 instructor and start your journey to a dream job working in the mountains. Skieasy will be offering a great deal on pre course training to get you up to speed for the course and get you comfortable skiing on a rolling slope. Check out the details:

Interested? If you have previous ski experience and you’d really like to turn your passion into a career then contact Sub Zero Coaching for more information and to book.

For details about the pre training course call us on 02089943314. We’re open 7am to 9pm ever day.

The course will give you all the skills you need to be able to teach on a rolling slope plus you will be able to complete an additional 2 day course that allows you to teach anywhere in the UK. Places are limited so contact Sub Zero Training today!

Alice Bellevre