how long has it been since you last put ski boots on?

If it’s been a year since you put on a pair of ski boots then come and have a session at Skieasy. Our amazing revolving slope is great for blowing out the cobwebs and getting your ski legs back ready for your mountain adventures. Our group lessons are 30 minutes of skiing, which doesn’t sound much but our sessions are an intensive work out so you will definitely feel the difference. Our instructors are skilled at isolating the areas of improvement in your skiing and giving you some key pointers that will help your skiing improve once you hit the slopes. Whether its your first ski holiday or your 50th there’s always room for improvement and our full length mirror allows you to watch your skiing in real time helping you to understand posture and movement. Call us on 02089943314. Our phones are open 7am to 9pm every day..

Alice Bellevre