9 Weeks Until February Half Term

Half Term Approaching Quick

There are just 9 weeks left until February half term. The snow is looking great so far so it's time to start thinking about your ski fitness and technique!

If you're gearing up for your first trip to the mountains our 10 session pack is the perfect way to get yourself ready to make the most of the hill before you even hit the resort. Don't waste time on the nursery slopes and develop the confidence to tear u your holiday. We run sessions for adults as well as kids from the age of 5 OR book out the whole slope for your family to develop as a team.

With 9 weeks to go you could come in for a regular session every week and then two last minute sessions in the final week before your holiday to make sure that you're in the best shape to enjoy your holiday.

For experienced skiiers and boarders, the Skieasy slope is a great way to get your muscles in gear to keep you on the mountain for longer. There really isn't any other way to give the exact muscles you use for skiing a proper workout. Come and treat Skieasy as part of your fitness training and get some top quality instruction and analysis on the side!!