Introducing the Skieasy Summer Season Pass
2019 price T.B.A.

The Skieasy Summer Season Pass is great value for money for those looking to take their skiing seriously next winter. Have you returned from the Alps feeling a bit deflated and want to make sure that you're firing on all cylinders come next year's snowfall? Or are you looking for some ski specific fitness that's far more interesting than the monotony of a gym membership? We've got you covered.

The Summer Pass is a unique offer that entitles you to up to three sessions a week (we think that this is probably as much skiing as most can manage) ALL SUMMER LONG.

  • Heaps of Skiing For One Person - All Summer Long

  • See a real difference in your skills

  • Valid for 21 weeks of skiing, that's 63 sessions!

Terms and Condition

  • Valid for a maximum of three sessions per calendar week from Monday 30th April 2018 to Sunday 30th September 2018 inclusive.

  • A maximum of 30 sessions to be booked at any one time.

  • Lessons booked and not attended with less than 48 hours of notice will result in a "strike" on the account of the pass holder. Three "strikes" to the account may result in the Summer Pass being revoked.

  • Pass holders understand that the Skieasy slope will be closed for no more than 14 days over the summer for maintenance.

  • The pass may not be used in conjunction with any other Skieasy discounts and special offers / promotions.

  • Skieasy's general terms and conditions apply to the purchase and redemption of the summer pass.