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How Can I Book a Session?

Skieasy customers are required to book all of their sesisons in advance. Please call us at the office on +44 (0) 20 8994 3314 to make a booking and we can take a payment over the phone. Lines are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 days a week but feel free to send us an email to if you are intending to book out of hours.

Can I Book Online?

To ensure guests sharing the slope are matched as closely as possible we do not provide an online booking process. Our office team will be happy to recommend time slots that will suit your progression. Please call the office on +44 (0) 20 8994 3314 to book. Our phones are open 7am to 9pm every day.

Which Sessions Can I Book In To?

We run separate sessions for skiers and boarders and aim to match customers of similar ability so both can progress at the correct pace. We separate younger kids, older kids and adults into different booking classes so you should never find that you are skiing with anybody outside of your progression rate and try our hardest to make sure that ability levels are always on par between the two customers on the slope. This means that with regular bookings in the run up to the season you may find yourself with a "ski buddy" who you could end up skiing with each week. There are no set times for particular age and ability lessons, you can book at anytime provided we have availability.

Is There a Minimum Age Restriction?

For our normal ski sessions, the minimum age is 5 and for regular snowboard sessions, the minimum age is 8. We have equipment to be able to cater for younger skiers, but only as part of private lesson so drop us a line to see if we can help.

Can I Amend or Cancel My Booking?

Our terms and conditions for standard sessions allow customers to reschedule or cancel their booking as long as this is done a minimum of 48 hours before the start of their session time. Please give us a ring at the office as soon as you know that you would like to amend your booking. We do not provide refunds on sessions booked under our multi-session pack purchases. Separate conditions apply to private sessions and event bookings.

What Are Your Opening Times?

We are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 days a week but times may be subject to change both in peak season and the summer so feel free to double check with the office.

What Equipment Will I Need?

We provide almost everything that you need to ski or snowboard at Skieasy. The following will be available at the beginning of you session:

  1. Ski or Snowboard Boots

  2. Skis or Snowboard

  3. Poles (if required)

  4. Helmets (mandatory for all children under the age of 13 and all snowboarders).

We do suggest that you bring long, thick ski socks with you to ensure that your feet are comfortable throughout the session. If you do not have ski socks then a long sports or winter sock is fine.

Can I Bring My Own Gear?

If you have your own boots, you are more than welcome to bring them along but please refrain from bringing your own skis or snowboards as all equipment needs to be fully de-waxed and edged so as not to damage the Skieasy surface.

What Clothes Should I Wear?

You can come in jeans and t-shirt if you like, but we do put water on the slope so you may get a bit damp! We advise you wear a long-sleeved lightweight top and loose fitting trousers (tracksuit bottoms are ideal) and long, smooth lightweight socks are the best option for your feet to fit ski boots as snugly as possible. We’d recommend you bring a jumper with you and during colder months you may wish to wear warmer clothes. 

How Long Will My Session Be?

Expect to be in the centre for just over an hour. All sessions are with an instructor, you won’t be able to ski on your own on the slope. Group sessions are 30 minutes of skiing in total. Private lessons are up to 1 hour of skiing dependant on how many in your party.

What is The Maximum Amount of People Allowed on The Slope?

A maximum of two people (adults or children) are permitted on the slope together at any given time. For children under 10 of similar ability we can accommodate a maximum of three as part of a Private Lesson.

How Long Will I Ski or Snowboard For?

A group lesson is approximately 30 minutes of skiing or snowboarding in a 1 hour slot. The way we book in lessons means that there could potentially be two pairs of two in the hour. In these cases we will cycle the two pairs on and off the slope every 10 or 15 minutes. It is very rare for anybody to ski for more than about 5 minutes straight on snow and your legs will get tired so you will welcome the rest!. A Private Lesson can be up to 1 hour of continuous skiing but we recommend you have a good level of fitness to book this for just yourself.

I don’t want an instructor can I use the slope without one?

For safety reasons all sessions come with an instructor. They will control the speed and incline of the slope. Also, the ski surface is quite unforgiving so, even if you are a good skier or snowboarder, you will need some help to adjust to skiing on our surface.

How similar to snow are indoor revolving slopes?

The surface we use is like a thick astro turf. It is more forgiving and softer than traditional outdoor artificial slopes but less forgiving than snow. This means the techniques you master on the Skieasy slope will be of a high level and you should find it easier when you transfer these techniques onto real snow. All the techniques taught by our instructors are the same as you would learn from instructors in a ski resort, indoor dome or on a dryslope.

I’m a pretty good skier. Will it help me improve my technique?

It certainly will but there will be an adjustment period as you get used to the feel of the surface. With skiing there are no quick fixes so it is unlikely you will see the benefit of just one session, however, it will highlight issues you can work on the next time you go to the mountains. If you book a series of lessons you will really start to feel the difference. Once you have adjusted to the surface the instant feedback from your instructor and the ability to look at your own technique in detail will really help you to progress your technique.

I’m returning from an injury. Is Skieasy good for rehabilitation?

Skieasy is very good for returning from injury, although you should check with your doctor or physiotherapist before booking a session. Our safety bar allows you to start very slowly reducing the risk of a fall. The responsive nature of the surface will highlight any weaknesses in your technique allowing you to focus on the key areas needing to development to get back to the mountains.


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How Do I Get To Skieasy?

We're based at Dukes Meadows Golf and Tennis, Dan Mason Drive, W4 2SH, Chiswick. The centre is just along the river from Chiswick Bridge.There are three stations close to Dukes Meadows: Chiswick, Mortlake and Barnes Bridge. All 10 minutes walk from the site. There is a Bus Stop on A316 Hartington Road (stop x) which is 5 minutes walk.

Is There Somewhere That I Can Park a Car?

YES! We have FREE on-site parking available for 150 cars so parking will never be a problem for our customers.

When Should I Arrive For My Session?

We recommend that you arrive 15 mins before your session so that you have time to fill in disclaimer form and fit your boots.

What Should I Do If I Know I'm Going To Be Delayed For My Session?

If you are going to be delayed for your session please call the reception on 020 8994 3314.

What Happens When I Arrive?

When you arrive please check in at the reception. Our staff will check in your booking and ask you to fill some paperwork in. Then we will take measurements for boots and ski/snowboard before getting you on the slope.

Where Can I Get Changed?

We  have changing facilities and shower on site.



Is There Somewhere That Parents and Friends Can Wait or Watch?

Yes, we have a viewing gallery with seating that overlooks the slope so anybody is welcome to come and watch!

Is There Somewhere That I Can Buy Food and Drinks?

Yes, we have a cafe/bar on site open from 8am to 8pm serving breakfast/lunch/dinner and a selection of hot or cold drinks (Even a cheeky apres-ski tipple)

What Other Facilities are On Offer?

Overlooking the River Thames in Chiswick, Dukes Meadows is well located for easy access to and from London and within close proximity to mainline stations.

We offer superb facilities including a 9 hole, par 3 golf course, a 50 bay floodlit driving range, academy 5 hole course & short game area, indoor and floodlit outdoor tennis courts, a gym, treatment rooms and parking for 150 cars.